Beatrix Prestonn

Action Girl : Just an all-around badass. She becomes an Action Mom after adopting Cordette.
Beneath The Mask : In the public eye, Beatrix is the constantly-cheery superheroine who never gives up, but behind her ( literal ) mask, she hides her many daily struggles.
Break The Cutie : She's been through fucked up shit ever since she was little.
Katanas Are Just Better : Has a particular fondness for katanas, and just slicing people in general.
Brick Break : One of her favorite kick-assing methods.
Clingy Jealous Girl : Won't hesitate to cut Nosoro's timbs if she ever lied to her... Which might be a problem for Nosoro in the near future.
Deadpan Snarker : She's the stoic badass to Craneo's hammy villain. Often comes up with quips during fights.
Girly Bruiser : Not afraid to get her pink dresses bloody.
Hair-Trigger Temper : Stress, insecurity, a dark and troubled past, are some of the few reasons that cause Beatrix to snap at others.
It's All About Me : Loves attention, having fans, posing for the cameras and the feeling of being adored.
Kick Chick : She's got *legs* and she likes showing them.
Mama Bear : For your own sake, do not mess with Cordette.
Nominal Hero : While she does fight for a good cause, and has good intentions at heart, her ways aren't traditionally 'heroic'.
Not Good With Rejection : To put it bluntly, her love life is complicated. Don't bring up Sitara if you want to keep your hands.
One-Woman Army : Can take down an entire team of evil henchmen in her high heels.
She-Fu : 90% of Beatrix's action scenes are comprised of her doing impossible backflips and somersaults.
Sugar-and-Ice Personality : Affectionate and optimistic on one hand, jealous, shallow on the other one.
Waif-Fu : While her Arch-Enemy completely towers over her, and weighs way more than she does, Beatrix is more than capable of standing her ground.

Valentyna Larkspur

All Girls Want Bad Boys : Val **really** likes her neighbor Flynn, who's a self-proclaimed bad boy. She also likes bad girls as well.
Arch Enemy : Tries to be this to Cordette, who doesn't really take her seriously.
Badass Family : Suburban family by day, professional villain team by night.
Book Dumb : While she is very knowledgeable in the subjects that interest her ( such as biology and zoology ), she is failing almost of her classes.
Cloudcuckoolander : Spouts weird catchphrases and throws herself in dangerous situations for the fun of it. Has a bizarre sense of humor. The inner machinations of her mind are an enigma.
Creepy Cute : Excluding the fact that she is an reanimated mutant abomination with a passion for maiming, she is a pretty cute girl.
Cute Bruiser : One thing Val loves more than anything is a good fight. Intentionally causes fights and way too eager to get bloody.
Dark Action Girl : To Cordette's Action Girl.
Evil Counterpart : Just like Craneo being Beatrix's counterpart, Val is this for Cordette.
Evil Is Cool : One of the first things that Craneo has taught her.
Evil Is Petty : From scribbling Cordette's homework, to spitting in Anh's yogurt, Val's considers anything she does evil.
Fish Out of Temporal Water : Not literally. Being homeschooled for her entire life and growing up with 60's movies and disco records playing constantly, she finds herself out of touch with other teenagers. Wears an outdated outfit and frequently says 'groovy!'.
Happily Adopted : Or happily reanimated. Val doesn't necessarily consider herself adopted, but she isn't exactly biological either.
Homeschooled Kids : Her dads tried sending her to various day cares or kindergartens but realized that homeschooling would be more appropriate for an unpredictable mutant. However, she now attends high school and is a sophomore.
I Just Want To Be Badass : Her biggest dream and aspiration in life.
Like Father, Like daughter : Most of Val's mannerisms and hobbies are shared by Craneo. A flashback of Craneo's child-self shows that he used to be almost identical to Val.
Minion With An F in Evil : She's definitely not a harmless villain, but her naivety makes it hard for her to seem like an actual threat.
Overlord Jr. : She is Craneo and Cadaver's evil offspring who wants to follow in their footsteps.
Rotten Rock And Roll : Being a rebellious teenager villain, Val obviously loves classic rock and metal.
Sarcasm-Blind : Completely oblivious to sarcasm and irony.
Skilled, but Naive : Excels at athletic activities, is a crack shot with atomic weapons, and an all-around threat to humankind. However, she still falls for knock knock jokes.
Small Girl, Big Gun : Her favorite weapon of choice is Craneo's oversized revolver 'Avispa'.
Tear Off Your Face : The stitches along her face are weak, which leads to her face falling off pretty easily. She likes to tear it off but Cadaver scolds her.
The Family That Slays Together : The desire for bloodshed and world domination is hereditary for the Larkspurs.
The Gadfly : The desire for bloodshed and world domination is hereditary for the Larkspurs.
The Napoleon : One of her few insecurities. She doesn't like being reminded of her short stature and has tried out numerous growth vitamins.
They Killed Kenny Again :Averted/Played with. She gets killed constantly in comedic ways but never dies. No one is really shocked by this anymore, and Cadaver only expresses mild annoyance for having to clean up.
Too Dumb to Live : Averted. Gets gored in gruesome ways pretty often in the show due to her incompetence, but always lives.
Trigger Happy : She isn't allowed by her dads to carry guns without supervision anymore, after numerous... incidents. She sometimes sneaks guns in her backpack to bring to school.
Troubling Unchildlike Behavior : Likes guns, booze and the ocassional stolen cigar. However, she is pretty oblivious about anything sexual and gets flustered by kissing.
Tyke-Bomb : Born and raised to become a merciless villain.
Undead Child : To be more specific, Val is technically multiple undead children stitched together. She doesn't act like a stereotypical zombie, but she does have ocassional cravings for brains.
Underestimating Badassery : Constantly made fun of by other teenagers for her weird-ness, and not taken seriously by other villains.
"Well Done, Son!" Guy : Desperately wants the approval of Craneo, who tends to be emotionally distant.